Cirépil Boudoir Beads (800g)


Hypoallergenic Hard Wax Scented. Patented Dermatologist tested hard wax. Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Rosin Free & Cruelty Free Hard Wax. Perfect choice for all skin & hair types. A super wax for sensitive skin. Available in 800g Bag of Beads.


Directions: Melt the wax until it becomes smooth & creamy. Check the best temperature for hard wax by testing it on your wrist & your client’s wrist. Use our Purifying Blue Lotion cleanser while checking the direction of hair growth. Then massage a drop of our pre & post depilatory oil to protect the skin – tissue blot to remove the residual oil. Apply the wax in a thin layer against the direction of hair growth using a disposable wooden spatula. Remove the strip in the opposite direction to hair growth, parallel to the skin. After removing the hair, apply our Cirepil Post Refreshing Gel to sooth the skin.


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