Dermaprep Pre-Cleanse (150ml)


Removal of make-up & surface impurities. A deep cleansing water- and oil-soluble preparation for the effective emulsification of eye make-up & foundation. Easily & effectively removes surface impurities leaving no residue on the skin. Incorporate DermaPrep Pre-Cleanse into your cleansing routine, prior to using your Cleanser & Toner of choice, ensuring superior penetration of active skin care products.


Benefits: Incorporates into your cleansing routine as part of your double cleanse. Removes both water- & oil-soluble make-up. Emulsifies with the addition of water. Suitable for both face & eye area.


Directions: With clean, dry hands apply it to your face & eye area, & using light massage movements, work it over the skin to dissolve all impurities. Add water by wetting your finger tips & complete your cleansing step with your preferred Cleanser & Toner, essential to enhance penetration of other actives which may be used in the correction of various skin care concerns.


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