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Dermaprep Pre-Cleanse (150ml)


DermaPrep Pre-Cleanse: A dual-action skincare solution that effortlessly removes makeup and surface impurities. This water- and oil-soluble formula emulsifies eye makeup and foundation, leaving no residue. Use before your cleanser and toner for superior penetration of active skincare products, ensuring a refreshed and radiant complexion.


Benefits: DermaPrep Pre-Cleanse effortlessly integrates into your double cleanse routine, removing both water- and oil-soluble makeup. With easy emulsification upon contact with water, it’s a versatile solution suitable for both the face and eyes.


To use DermaPrep Pre-Cleanse: Start with clean, dry hands. Apply the product to your face and eye area. Gently massage to dissolve impurities thoroughly. Emulsify by adding water with wet fingertips. Complete your routine with your chosen Cleanser and Toner. Enhance the effectiveness of active ingredients for targeted skincare benefits.


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