Evo Eyelash Serum

Evo Eyelash Serum
Price N$1 114.00
Brand Evo Eyelash Serum

EvoEye Eyelash Growth Formula - Power your natural lashes

evo Eye Eyelash Formula, naturally helps you get longer and denser eyelashes.

This advanced formula improves the length, fullness and thickness of your eyelashes in a visible way in just 4 weeks.

It has been developed by medical methods, clinically tested and proven to be efficient and safe.

evo Eye Eyelash Formula  also helps to prevent and repair the deterioration of the eyelashes due to the aggressive effects of cosmetics and other aggressive treatments.


- Revolutionary Serum to have your natural lashes longer and thicker 

- Regenerate and recover your lashes damaged by aggressions or by age

- Visible results in just 4 weeks

- Dermatologically and ophthalmologically proven  formula

- Guaranteed efficacy in clinical trials.

- It does not cause irritations or allergies.

Application:  Apply once a day at night on the upper line of the eyelashes. Only a small amount of product per application is needed, use sparingly.
Apply the serum with the applicator brush, in a thin line, along the upper line of the eyelashes, only in the area of the root (as if you were applying an eyeliner). If eye make-up remover has been used before application, the eye area should be rinsed with lukewarm water to completely remove any greasy residue and wait until the eyelashes are completely dry before applying the product.