EvoEye Eyeliner - with eyelash serum

EvoEye Eyeliner - with eyelash serum
Price N$1 370.00
Brand Evo Eyelash Serum

The EvoEye eyeliner with integrated eyelash serum

INTEGRATED EYELASH SERUM - Contains the growth-stimulating evo-peptide formula

STABLE, LONG ADHERING TEXTURE - Safely through the day with a perfect eye make-up

AVAILABLE IN FIVE DREAM COLOURS - blue, green, silver, black and brown

MADE IN GERMANY - Developed and produced in Germany



The EvoEye Eyeliner Eyelash Formula contains the growth-stimulating evo-peptide formula. This primarily promotes the absorption of ingredients into the cells and can stimulate the growth of the eyelashes. Our Eyeliner therefore fulfils two tasks at once: A perfect eye make-up for the day and a simultaneous care + growth of the eyelashes. 



The eyeliner can be ideally combined with the EvoEye Eyelash Formula 2.0. During the day over the Eyeliner Eyelash Formula and at night the eyelash serum. Thus you get a perfect result with a minimum of effort.


Filling quantity: 1.5 ml.

The product can be stored unopened for 2 years after purchase. Use the bottle within 6 months after opening.