Ferulic + C + E (50ml)


It provides the skin with a high amount of Vitamin C & E. It targets hyperpigmentation. The ferulic acid boosts anti-oxidant protection. It also improves skin concerns such as: acne, hyperpigmentation, ageing & environmentally damaged skin. Advanced Anti-Oxidant Product. Effective for 72 hours after application, making it an essential adjunct to sunscreen.


Benefits: Vitamin C is established as a skin brightener & a Superior anti-oxidant. Mild Keratolytic, helping to improve cellular renewal (can be customized until full tolerance is achieved). Anti-ageing benefits together with decelerating skin carcinogenesis. Effective for 72hrs after coorect application, making it an essential adjunct to sunscreen. Fragrance Free. Directions: Cleanse your skin with your selected cleanser, dry thoroughly before application. Apply 3-4drops of Ferulic+C+E & allow to dry before layering with addirional product/s for extra nourishing & hydrating benefits. May be used as a standalone application or before BB Cream. For Sensitive skin, use on alternative days or mix with other applications until full tolerance is achieved. Customized application: 1.Incorporate into your regime with a layering technique, applying in the order of thinnest to thickest product, allowing for effective absorption. 2.Vitamin C Serum & Ferulic+C+E should not be used on same application. Incorporate the Vitamin C Serum into your evening routine & Ferulic+C+E into your morning regime. 3.Not for use with Microneedling due to high content of Vitamin C.


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