Hydralite Moisturiser (50ml)

Hydralite Moisturiser (50ml)
Price N$319.00
Brand Kalahari


Apply Hydralite Moisturiser onto a clean, dry face and neck. For additional benefits any of the phyto-treatment gels, serums and face oil can be applied underneath the moisturiser. The moisturiser is recommended for hyperpigmentation, problematic, sensitive, allergy-prone as well as young skin conditions and is suitable for morning and evening use. Apply SPF 40 Sun Protection over moisturiser in daytime.

Sensitive skin | Oily | Problematic | |Young Skin (Morning / Evening)

Direction for use: Apply moisturiser onto a clean dry face and neck. Can be used over the phyto-effective treatment gels and serums. Day or Evening use. Apply SPF 40 Sun Protection over Moisturiser in daytime.