Mattifying Pore Minimizer (15ml)


Visibly reduces & refines pores leaving the skin velvet-smooth. Suitable for all non-sensitive skin types. Nourishing benefits while keeping “shine in line” by controlling excessive sebum secretion. A little goes a long way.


Benefits: Has a mattifying effect, which means that there is no skin shine during & after application. It inhibits Lipid Peroxidation, regulated Keratinization & provides a deep cleansing action due to Salicylic Acid. Also combats the all to often problematic T-Zone. Directions: Should be used after cleansing. Applyto the area of concern for 10-20min, once full tolerance has been achieved an overnight appliction may be required. Use DermaShield SPF50. Caution: Sensitivity may include stinging or itching. Skin flaking is normal.


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