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Refectocil Intense Brow(n)s Professional Kit

N$3 400.00


Everything you need for the new service “Brow Intensifying by RefectoCil™” in one convenient kit – up to 60 services possible.

The kit contains:


1x Micellar Eye Make-up Remover (5.07 US fl.oz. / 150ml)

1x Brow Mapper

2x Intensifying Primer strong (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)

2x Intensifying Primer medium (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)

1x Base Gel ash brown (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)

1x Base Gel chocolate brown (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)

1x Base Gel deep brown (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)

1x Base Gel black brown (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)

4x Activator Gel (0.5 US fl.oz. / 15ml)

1x Tint Remover for Intense Brow[n]s (5.07 US fl.oz. / 150ml)

2x Cosmetic Brushes

2x Cosmetic dishes

Intense Brow[n]s product folder & RefectoCil Brand folder


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