Skin ResQ (125ml)

Skin ResQ (125ml)
Price N$570.00
Brand DermaFix

Universal Moisturiser for Intense Relief

All Skin Types including problematic concerns, psoriasis, eczema, extreme dryness, xerotic skin

Skin ResQ is the next generation of a weightless nourishing emollient blend with Murumuru Seed Butter and CoQ10. This superior formulation offers anti-oxidant protection keeping the skin moisturised, hydrated and supple for the prevention of stretch mark formation on the body. Formulated for universal use, Skin ResQ rapidly penetrates into the skin for all day protection, without the sensation of a greasy film.


Superior hydration

Contains essential fatty acids helping the skin retain essential water

Anti-oxidant protection



Penetrates the skin, stimulating the proliferation of elastin and collagen fibres

Universal moisturiser for intensive relief 

Recommended product for people who suffer from the following Skin Care Concerns:

Eczema / Psoriasis

Extreme dryness, xerotic skin