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UltraBright (tbd) (157ml)


Fast Acting Body Brightener. With regular use of DermaFix UltraBright, you will notice visible lightening of hyperpigmented areas of the skin showing positive results in a short period of time. Is recommended for overall skin lightening including dark skin found on hands, elbows, underarms & knees. Unless you are a “sun tanner”, the skin on the body is normally a few shades lighter. This is primarily due to the skin not being exposed to the sun. However, harsh soaps may exacerbate the condition of dark skin tone due to the pH being too alkaline thereby producing the dark tone. There are other contributing factors for example, tight clothing causing friction thereby darkening areas, unprotected sun exposure to UVA together with UVB as in exposed hands on steering wheel, perfumes & chemical antiperspirants irritate & “burns” sensitive areas like the underarm.


Benefits: working to inhibit the fromation of melanin. May be used daily on all areas of body hyperpigmentation including the hands, elbows, knees & underarms. Directions: Apply SPF40/50 after using UltraBright.


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