ACC Copper Peptide (57ml)


ACC Copper Peptide accelerates wound healing & calms irritated, damaged skin thanks to its advanced use of Copper Peptides as a form of collagen repair. Skin renewal & ageing reversal studies compared the effect on the skin’s production of collagen after using Copper Peptides, Vitamin C, & Retinoic Acid. The study found after one month Copper Peptides had the most significant effect on collagen production. Furthermore an increase in subcutaneous fat, dermal thickness & dermal density was noted. A reduction in photo damage was seen in 8 weeks. Tightens loose skin & improves elasticity. Tightens the protective skin barrier proteins.


Benefits: Calms sensitised skin “Turns the red off”. Accelerates wound healing. Improves skin clarity & “glow”. Reduces the appearance of scares & lesions. Directions: Apply to clean skin twice daily or as needed.


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