Active Cleansing Gel (200ml)


Ideal for blemished, oily or congested skin, this deep cleansing oil-free formula thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities & make-up. Helps to exfoliate dead skin cells due to alpha & beta hydroxy acids with natural enzymes. Contains natural botanical extracts. Healing & calming properties. Gently & effectively cleanses the skin. Removes excess oils & make-up.


Benefits: Is a deep cleansing oil-free cleanser with a unique formula that dissolves the intracellular “glue” that make the epidermal cells stick together in the skin. Is the ideal “pre-advanced treatment” cleanser & it has the best outcome when applied correctly.


Directions: Apply to your face with moistened hands. Once you have applied the cleansing gel to your face, gently lather then rinse. It is recommended that double cleansing should be used, if make-up has been worn. Follow with appropriate toner & moisturiser. Is not for use over eye area, & can be used as a body wash on breakout prone areas.


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