Cirépil Cartridge Natural (100g)


Low temperature wax with a natural honey colour & texture that is non-fragranced. For all hair types. Cirépil by Perron Rigot is a range of waxing treatments, accessories & high quality, low temperature waxes suitable for all techniques & skin types with only the finest ingredients used in their formulations. The cartridge fits into all standard cartridge wax warmers. Available in 100g.


Directions: Check the best temperature for hard wax by testing it on your wrist & your client’s wrist. Use our Purifying Blue Lotion cleanser while checking the direction of hair growth. Roll on the wax in a thin layer with the direction of hair growth. Place a strip over the wax & rub to heat up. Remove the in the opposite direction to hair growth, parallel to the skin. After removing the hair, apply our Cirepil Post Refreshing Gel to sooth the skin.


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