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Collagen Conformer (57ml)

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Accelerates the restructuring of the dermis with an immediate tightening effect or “flash lift” being clearly visible upon application. Focuses on specific care for mature skin offering a flash lifting effect around the eye, neck & neckline. With age, the synthesis of collagen decreases, resulting in skin thinning with visible signs of ageing. Contains the purest peptides & tetrapeptides in a complex of active ingredients that help increase collagen-1 & lumican production, resulting in thickening & firming of facial contours.

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Benefits: Accelerates the restructuring of the skin to experience younger, fresher looking skin. Once applied the Collagen Conformer is used for Immmediate tightening when combined with DermaPeptide. It also increases collagen-1 & lumican production, resulting in thickening & firming of facial contours. Directions: Apply briskly for added penetration. To help achieve a fresh, radieant, well rested appearance, apply the collagen conformer to freshly cleansed skin. Start application at the hairline of the forehead & cover the entire face, extending up behind the ears & back of neck. Recommended use for four months twice daily, as seen in clinical studies. Suitable moisturiser should be use as the Collagen Conformer is in gel form to facilitate penetration.


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