Collagen Film Masque


With age the synthesis of collagen decreases, resulting in skin thinning with visible signs of ageing. Most components of the skin, including collagen, undergo continuous turnover. New collagen is continually produced & recycled throughout life. At a younger age the synthesis of collagen predominates, whereas after age 40 +, degradation of collagen becomes visible. For this reason it is recommended to make use of masques & will help soothe your skin to feel fresh and rejuvenated.


Benefits: Is a product that is used to soothe, calm & nourish the skin. It is filled with a number of active ingredients & it anti-oxidant rich to deliver the greatest results. Directions: This masque is used as a once off application. Apply the chilled masque evenly to the skin, leave for 15-20min, remove. Massage the remaining product onto the skin. Apply moisturiser & DermaShield SPF40/50.


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