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De-Age Collagen Supplement 420g

N$1 148.00


NOT JUST A COLLAGEN! This next-generation De-age Collagen Bio-Supplement has been scientifically compounded as a functional drink with multiple health benefits to help improve overall skin, gut, brain and body health as well as general de-ageing. This De-age Supplement contains an advanced Tri-biotic GUT complex, compounded with key nutritional ketogenic elements.

Product Benefits

• Advanced tri-biotic complex for improved gut health
• Effective de-ageing nutrients for the skin
• Bio-active compound for bone & muscle support
• Reduces mental fatigue & improves cognitive function
• Minimises the effect of systemic dermal sensitivity
• Delicious citrus flavour that the whole family can enjoy

How to use

CHILDREN: 1/2 scoop (7g) daily mixed in 100ml of water or as preferred.
ADULTS: 1-2 heaped scoops (14-28g) daily mixed in 200ml of water or as preferred to assist during acute and stressful periods.
1 heaped scoop daily mixed in 200ml of water or as preferred as your maintenance dosage.


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