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DermaBright – travel (20ml)


A “mini-peel in a bottle” this 3-in-1 product targets photo-ageing, acne & pigmentation delivering visible skin brightening results within days of regular application. Mandelic Acid accelerates the biological process of peeling the skin & helps control skin care concerns. Mandelic acid is gentle on the skin and helps improve skin texture effectively & quickly. Melasma, hyperpigmentation & lentigines (large freckles) are improved quickly when treated with DermaBright. Melasma (brown spots) improvement of up to 50% after 1 month of treatment. A sustained, gradual improvement is characteristic of this treatment product.


Benefits: Is a powerful 3in1 treatment that resurfaces & unveils new skin, treating inflammatory non-systic acne. It also has certain ingredients that assists in suppressing hyperpigmentation while at the same time rejuvenates photo-aged skin. Our DermaBright products are also hydroquinone free. Directions: Week 1 – Start the DermaBright regime with 1-2drops in your DermaFix Cleanser at night only. Week 2- Increase the DermaBright dose to 2-3drops into your DermaFix moisturiser leaving on the skin at night only. From here on, work on your individual skin tolerance level, a cotton bud may be used to treat spot areasif entire face is not affected. Extreme hyperpigmentation may be resolved at a quicker pace by additional applicational of MelanoDerm over the DermaBright. DermaShield SPF40/50 must be used daily (not negotiable) when using DermaBright. *not to be used in combination with prescription stength Vitamin A, including roaccutane & cortisone.


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