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Dermal Repair (57ml)


Dermal Repair is an exclusive multi-vitamin facial treatment formulated with an essential amount of Vitamin C, precisely balanced concentrations of Vitamin A and E, along with beneficial minerals and extra-pure essential oils. This treatment is designed to maintain skin barrier integrity and prevent trans-epidermal water loss caused by environmental factors such as air-conditioning and sporting activities. Offering a smoothing, antioxidant, brightening, and protective effect, Dermal Repair is suitable for all types of environmentally damaged skin showing early signs of aging. When used before applying makeup, Dermal Repair creates a breathable moisture seal, ensuring a smooth and even application.


Benefits: Dermal Repair is an exclusive multi-vitamin facial treatment featuring a crucial dose of Vitamin C, aiding the skin in regaining tone, moisture, silkiness, and radiance. It serves as a protective treatment for all types of environmentally damaged skin and can also be used as a makeup primer.

Directions: Apply a small amount directly to the skin as your daily moisturizer and use twice daily. If additional moisturization is needed, Dermal Repair can be followed by the application of another moisturizer.


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