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Elim Intense Night Cream with Hydro-Gel Socks



Elim MediHeel Intense Night Repair is an intense heel balm for dry and cracked heels. For best results, apply the cream to the heels and cover them with the Hydro-Gel Socks overnight.

Intense Night Repair Balm is a rich repair cream for heels that deeply penetrates to moisturize more than just the surface. In contains coconut wheat germ, almond and lavender oil, urea to reduce calluses and glycerine to lock in moisture.
Hydro-Gel Socks are made from non-toxic, medical grade silicone and provides compression and protection. Hydro-Gel Socks are washable. For best results repeat this treatment daily.

One set contains Intense Night Repair Balm (80 ml) and one pair of Hydro-Gel Socks.


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