Fungal Force (20ml)


Is a radical treatment combining the natural forces of Science & Nature. Treatment includes a strong antibacterial active (Tea Tree Oil & Triclocarban) & an acidity agent Undecylenoyl Glycine to block any bacteria. A natural but active nail serum to control persistent & unsightly nail fungi. Is a radical treatment that quickly targets the source of the problem for improved appearance in as little as 14-21days. With added Tea Tree Oil, Fungal Force is clinically tested, highly concentrated & easy-to-use. You don’t have to live with fungus, let Fungal Force clear the problem. The secret is in the Tea Tree Oil, Triclocarban & Undecylenoyl Glycine which works to get rid of & block any potential bacteria. You deserve to have a perfect manicure & pedicure so get rid of any unwanted problems today with Elim Fungal Force.


Directions:Apply 1drop twice a day to the affected area. Do not wipe. Allow to dry. Use for 14days.


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