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Gentle Cleansing Gel (200ml)


This gentle cleansing gel is formulated for normal to dry & sensitive skin. It cleanses the skin thoroughly whilst moisturizing with natural botanical extracts. The inclusion of Aloe Vera & Hops Extract are noted for their healing & calming properties. Particularly good for skin that flares easily. Contains natural botanical extracts. Healing & calming properties. Gently & effectively cleanses the skin. Removes excess oils & make-up.


Benefits: The unique & natural Gentle Cleansing Gel is a class-leading moisturising & cleansing gel that contains natural botanical extracts. Along with other ingredients found in the Gentle Cleansing Gel, this product offers healing & calming properties so skin is left feeling rejuvenated.


Directions: Apply to moistened hands & Gently lather. Using a circular motion, wash your face using the gentle cleansing gel & then rinse. Double cleanse if make-up is used. Follow the cleanser application with the appropriate skin toner & moisturiser.


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