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Vitamin C Serum (30ml)


This active Vitamin C Serum, featuring hydra-stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid, effectively combats the visible signs of photo-aging by neutralizing destructive free radicals. Additionally, it provides crucial protection against damaging ultraviolet rays, resulting in retextured, toned, and younger-looking skin. Crafted from organic citrus fruit concentrates rich in vitamin C and amino acids, this serum is ideal for addressing sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines, and capillaries, promoting the maintenance of healthy skin.

This advanced serum goes beyond tightening and refining the skin—it also assists in moisturizing while supporting the creation of improved collagen. As a result, the skin takes on a radiant glow, becoming smoother and firmer. The serum effectively binds water into both the dermis and epidermis, retaining essential moisture. It lightens and brightens the complexion, fights destructive free radicals, and offers important protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, it reduces pigmentation on a chemical level and helps regulate the production of pigmentation. With its ability to tighten and refine the skin, reduce fine lines and dilated capillaries, this serum contributes to an overall improved skin texture and appearance.


Benefits: Helps reduce visible signs of photo-aging by fighting destructive free radicals in the skin. Provides crucial protection from damaging ultraviolet rays and prevents skin darkening before any inflammatory concerns.

Directions: After cleansing and toning, apply the Vitamin C Serum over the entire face, neck, and chest area. Allow the serum to penetrate, then follow up with the appropriate moisturizer. For addressing fine lines and wrinkles, it’s recommended to use the Vitamin C Serum both day and night. In cases of hyperpigmentation post-treatment, apply every 3-4 hours.


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