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Yona Perfecting Serum



This ultra-concentrated Intimate Serum reduces imperfections related to waxing, shaving or rubbing clothes, whether you have a little, a lot or no hair. It combines the powers of Chaulmoogra Oil (5%), star ingredient of Ayurvedic medicine, with Lotus Flower Extract, to fight against ingrown hairs and pimples. Prickly Pear Extract, rich in fatty acids, reactivates the protective functions of the skin and calms irritation, itching and redness. Jojoba Oil maintains perfect hydration and sublimates your intimate area which quickly regains softness and comfort.



•99% ingredients of natural origin
•Chaulmoogra Oil (5%): contains acids with antibacterial properties, to purify the skin. Thanks to its fatty acid content, it restructures the epidermis and strengthens the skin barrier to deal with irritation and improve elasticity.
•Jojoba Oil: thanks to its composition close to sebum, quickly penetrates through the hair follicle and dissolves the accumulated sebum, to leave the hair free to continue its normal functioning. It softens and rebalances the skin.
•Oily extract of Lotus Flower: rich in fatty acids, it improves the elasticity of the skin, promoting the breakthrough of the hair to regain softness and skin comfort.
•Prickly Pear Oil Extract: Calms itching and reduces redness.
•Respectful of the intimate area and gynecologically tested.
•White Lily and Orange Blossom scent


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