B3 Boost (15ml)


Is an ultra-concentrated topical Niacinamide, also known as VitaminB3 or Nicotinamide, that enhances the skin’s barrier & functioning by increasing the synthesis of ceramides & free fatty acids within the skin. Clinical trials have shown that niacinamide reduced Trans Epidermal Water Loss by 20% at day 24, while a study concentrating on texture, redness, blotchiness & uneven pigmentation showed an improved appearance within 12 weeks of use.


Benefits: Decreases inflammation through various biological pathways. Neutralises free radicals. Improves barrier function. Reduces appearance of redness. Reduces melanin production by inhibiting melanosome transfer from Melanocyte to Keratinocyte. Non-vasodilating. Directions: Apply neat to clean, dry skin or incorporate the B3 Boost Niacinamide Concentrate into your moisturiser or serum of choice.


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