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Brightening Toner (150ml)


Idealy suited for skin types prone to hyperpigmentation, this unique formulation gently rebalances the skin and produces a brightening effect by inhibiting melanin synthesis. Natural herbal ingredients increase the skin’s resistance to stress, trauma & fatigue. Extracts of Pomegranate & Raspberry boost collagen production & refine the skin whilst high potency herbal ingredients prevent free radical damage & skin inflammation. Brightens, refreshes & restores the skin’s pH. Inhibits the formation of melanin. Lightens the skin.


Benefits: Inhibits the formation of melanin in the skin & is an essential for the skin brightening process. Over & above brightening of the skin, also prevents free redical damage & skin inflammation. In order to gain maximum benefits, it is advised that you apply the brightening toner according to the supplied directions. Directions: For best results, use after applying a Cleanser. To apply, moisten a cotton pad with Brightening Toner & smooth over the face, naeck & décolleté, twice daily. Follow with appropriate serum or moisturiser.


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