Mandelic Toner (150ml)


Is a 3-in-1 multi-purpose clarifying toner which balances the pH levels of the skin to control & reduce excess oil production for a clear and even complexion. This specific toner refines the surface of the skin & penetrates deep into pores to remove make-up & dead skin cells. Suppresses acne bacteria, diminishes hyperpigmentation & stimulates new collagen growth.


Benefits: Purifies the skin & has anti-inflammatory properties for a clear & even complexion. Directions: Start usage of the Mandelic Toner every other day for 2 weeks by moistening a cotton pad with tonic to wipe over your face, neck & chest. After 2 weeks, apply the Mandelic Toner daily. Take your skin care routine even further by protecting your skin with MD Prescriptives SPf50.


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