Hydra-Silk Cleanser (200ml)


Is a light emollient cleanser, which removes make-up & other impurities, without stripping the skins natural oils. It is also calming, anti-infammitory for dry & sensitised skin. It has a silky consistency & promotes skin hydration. Removes impurities without stripping the skin. Great for sensitive skin. Emulsifies into silky consistency.


Benefits: Is formulated with unique ingredients that lift away impurities from the skin without stripping essential lipids. This unique product emulsifies into a silky consistency for easy application & absorption.


Directions: Apply to your face whist making sure that you have moistened hands. If required you can double cleanse & rinse to remove excess cleanser from your face. Can also be removed without water by using cotton pads. For optimal results be sure to follow the cleanser application with the appropriate toner & moisturiser.


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